Sustainability and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Production

In Casas de Hualdo we are aware of the enormous environmental responsibility that the management of a territory like the one we inhabit has. Therefore, producing a high quality product is not enough, as it is essential to have a 360º vision of our activity, in which all aspects of production are perfectly aligned: excellence in the product, respect for the environment, social commitment and continuous improvement and innovation.

Eco friendly EVOO

One of the fundamental aspects for promoting environmental sustainability is the responsible power consumption. Aware of this, in 2018 we made a great commitment to clean energy, installing one of the largest photovoltaic plants in Spain for solar pumping in our own farm. The facility is located in an area of 1.3 hectares. With an installed power of 567 kWp, its energy is used for the irrigation of approximately 100ha of herbaceous crops and 270ha of olive groves. This solar plant is the first of those planned, as we currently have two facilities in operation to supply other areas of the farm.

Being locted on the course of the River Tagus helps us to be very sensitive to the importance of water as a limited resource and source of life. In this sense, we are extremely careful with its use, always seeking to optimize it. Modern irrigation systems together with methodologies to evaluate the water needs of our crops allow us to use the strictly necessary water in the best possible way.

More than just EVOO producers

Protection and care of fauna and flora are other aspects that concern us the most. For this reason, we carry out pest and disease management based on prevention and minimum intervention. We rationalize the use of phytosanitary products to maintain a living ecosystem, in which the auxiliary fauna and natural enemies are protagonists.

Our commitment is also reflected in obtaining environmental certifications such as ISO 14.001 or the calculation of the carbon footprint. Through them, we seek evolution and continuous improvement in these areas.