On the banks of the River Tagus

When the River Tagus basin passes through the province of Toledo, it models a very typical landscape which on its southern side climbs from the meadows to the piedmont alluvial fan deposits of the mountains.

Our olive groves are based on this geographical setting and on a slightly undulated topography which encompasses from 400 to 600 m in altitude, alternating with other uses and areas of interspersed hills. Olive growing has been carried out in the region since time immemorial as numerous mozarabic documents testify.

The climate is hard, with cold winters and dry and very hot summers, thereby promoting the natural control of pests and diseases . Little rainfall and modern deficit irrigation techniques enhance the quality of the fruit and effectively slow down the excessive vigour of the trees, allowing very delicate oils to be obtained.

With the arrival of autumn the temperatures fall, though without freezing, ensuring optimum conditions at harvesting time. The olive, gathered directly from the tree, is taken immediately to THE OLIVE MILL to avoid its deterioration.

Year by year, with a lot of determination we are gradually perfecting crop collection.

The olives, picked directly from the trees, get to the oil mill still alive, where they are cared for and grinded instantly.