Our EVOOs are the culmination of many people’s work throughout the year. They reflect the richness of the Hualdo farm and the commitment and love for producing truly unique products.

All of them have many aspects in common, which make them really a family: They are elaborated only with our own olives, which come from our olive grove and are selected at the optimum moment of ripeness to get the best out of each plot and variety. They are oils of first extraction, made always after a very short time from the harvesting and in low temperature conditions. We filter them using cellulose plates, as they are very respectful with the product, eliminating any impurities and humidity they may have, allowing its better conservation. The inerted stainless steel tanks are essential to keep the oils as stable as possible in our air-conditioned cellar. We carry out the packaging practically under order, since we know that where our AOVE are better is in the cellar.

At the beginning of our olive oil adventure, we started to offer the single-variety oils. With them we want to transmit the typicality of each type of olive with its expression in our climate and soil conditions.

Later came the coupages or assemblies, where we use different varieties of olives. These oils show the meticulous work of our elaiotechnician, looking for complexity and balance like sign of identity. Moreover, with them we want to generate culture and passion for this unique product.

It was our clients who asked us to produce an oil with an organic certificate and also to be able to have large formats for versatile use in the kitchen.