At Casas de Hualdo there is only one maxim that guides our work: the search for excellence. From the field to the oil mill, the team works with dedication in the care of the olive trees so that their fruit reaches the consumer transformed into elegant oils that contain all the aromas and flavour of each olive.

Olive grove

The essence

In Casas de Hualdo we carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the crop throughout the year: we pamper its growth, its sanitary state, the management of the soil and all the phases of the development of the fruit. We use the most modern cultivation techniques such as monitored drip irrigation or fertirrigation. In spite of the extension of the olive grove, we take care of knowing the state of each plot, in order to get the best of our olive trees.

The harvest


Through the monitoring of maturation, and thanks to the constant observation and experience gained, we decide the best time to harvest the different varieties and olive groves. This takes place between the months of October and November. The early harvest means a significant decrease in production, but it allows us to obtain much more aromatic and expressive oils, which show the potential of our land.

Olive mill


All processes, from the reception yard to packing, have the latest technology and have been carefully designed to extract the best from the fruit. The location of the oil mill, at the foot of the field, guarantees that the olives arrive alive at the milling area. To avoid deterioration, the olives are processed within six hours of being picked. During extraction, the temperature is kept below 25ºC to prevent the loss of the most volatile components and aromas.



At Casas de Hualdo we bottle practically on demand, which allows us to keep the oil in optimum conditions of conservation. The oil is stored in inerted stainless steel tanks at a temperature between 18 and 22ºC all year round, which preserves its properties to the maximum.


Conquering the consumer

Each harvest we produce 700,000 litres of Premium oil from our olive grove, thus guaranteeing the quality and traceability of the EVOO. A valuable product that our marketing team is bring to the consumer in gourmet establishments, through our online store, or opening new markets abroad.

Outer projection

Spreading a culture

The commitment to the foreign market has made the Casas de Hualdo project grow to almost double exports each season. We export extra virgin olive oil to 35 countries on four continents: Asia, Europe, America and Oceania, where we not only sell our products, but also spread the culture of extra virgin olive oil.