Awards and prizes in the world of the EVOO have been a great stimulus for quality producers for some years now. They have made it possible not only to compare but also to share the importance of the harvest season, the virtues of each variety or the different geographical areas, with the disparity that this entails. Furthermore, they encourage the willingness to improve year after year.

In this intense decade of participation in contests, guides and competitions throughout the world, we have received enormous joy and success, and we have learned a lot about our own products. Our oils have been awarded by organizations and prestigious tasting panels in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Canada, the United States, Argentina… as well as by the Denomination of Origin that welcomes us and by the Spanish region in which we are located. Furhtermore, they are everyday especially recognized by many lovers of this unique food.

After these wonderful experiences, and in view of the unending proliferation of competitions, we have chosen to reduce our exposure in this area as much as possible, in order to explain more directly to the consumer the value of the agricultural project behind our oils, which result is not only a distinctive and repeatedly awarded final product.

Our EVOOs are the result of constant and dedicated work, and they represent the excellence for the Casas de Hualdo team in every step of the elaboration process: from comprehensive agricultural management in the field, through sustainability, to research, ending up in the oil culture itself. These different elements structure the relationship between respect and affection that we feel towards the fascinating natural landscape of Hualdo Estate. And we serve it bottled in the table of consumers all around the world.