Casas de Hualdo Organic

Fragrant and balanced

Produced from small batches of our best organic olives from our estate in Cuenca province.

This interesting EVOO is another example of our commitment to the environment, sustainability and continuous improvement.

The result is a pleasant and fragrant oil with a long aftertaste.


This blend of our organic Arbequina and Cornicabra varieties has a perfect balance between the marked character of the Cornicabra variety and the subtle fruitiness of the Arbequina.

These olive trees are grown in extreme conditions at 800m altitude.

Full of aromas, our Organic EVOO is characterized by its medium intensity, with a predominance of fruity notes over bitter and spicy ones.

Chemical Parameters Campaign 2022/2023:

Acidity: 0.15% I. Peroxides: 3.6 meq Esters: <10 ppm Polyphenols: 740 ppm

Tasting notes 

The nose reveals a fresh, perfumed and complex oil. Soft sensations of tomato and ripe fruit appear, along with subtle green hints.

On the palate, the entry is sweet and silky, and after a moment, bitter and spicy sensations of medium intensity unfold. Aromas of tomato, arugula, chicory, avocado, alloza, green apple and green grass are discovered, with ripe notes of apple and banana prevailing.

Pair it with…

Our organic EVOO gives character to rocket, tomato and nut salads. In the kitchen, it enhances rice dishes with rabbit and fried squid. It combines ideally with spoon dishes such as fabada and stewed pinto beans with cabbage. What about combining it with sweet and savoury touches in a turkey stuffed with raisins and chestnuts?