Picual Casas de Hualdo

Great fruitiness and persistence

Intense and with great complexity, it is an oil made special by its high persistence.

The olives, collected at the right stage of ripeness, give way to a greenish-yellow juice. When opening the bottle, one discovers an oil with a profound aromatic complexity, robust and intense.


This is the most widespread variety in the olive oil world. It comes from Andalusia but it has been perfectly adapted to our climatic conditions, since in less-benign climates the reduction in output gives a much higher quality.

The care and dedication with which these trees are grown make it possible to obtain fruit with a high amount of polyphenols.

Chemical parameters Campaign 2021/2022:

Acidity: 0.10%   I. Peroxide index: 2.5 meq   Esters: <10 ppm   Polyphenolss: 406 ppm


It features the aromas of green leaf, green banana or even peppermint… A variety of identifying characteristics in a diverse set, making this a truly special olive oil.

Pair it with…

Its richness of aromas enhances both green salads and sautéed (stir-fried) vegetables. Do not hesitate to try it on some seasonal green asparagus. For main courses, choose Casas de Hualdo Picual for your blue fish and baked meat. It is ideal to stuffed aubergines, cabbages and endives or mushrooms with garlic. Perfect to enhance paellas, risottos and curried rice dishes, you can also try it on meatballs with tomato sauce. Complements your cured sheep’s cheese or Manchego cheese boards.