Cornicabra Casas de Hualdo

Tradition and Innovation

This is the most traditional varietal in our area, where experience makes virtue. Through a careful pressing at the mill we obtain this oil with a high amount of antioxidants.

The olive

This native varietal is not only valued for its agricultural hardiness, but also for the high quality of the oils obtained from it.

It is the only varietal protected by the Designation of Origin Montes de Toledo, to which we belong.

Due to its resistance to our cold winters and hot summers, Cornicabra has been, since ancient times, the dominant variety in Castille -La Mancha.

Casas de Hualdo Cornicabra is produced from our olive groves located at the highest altitude in lighter, more-calcareous soils.

Chemical parameters Campaign 2022/2023:

Acidity:  0,17%   I. Peroxide Index: 2.4 meq   Esters: 10ppm   Polyphenols: 794 ppm


Its antioxidants confer it with a variety of aromas such as green leaf and apple, which combine perfectly with marked bitter and spicy notes. Cornicabra is an oil that is full of character and which remains stable over time.

Pair it with…

The typical persistence of the Cornicabra variety makes it ideal to accompany consistent tapas such as assorted cecina, patatas bravas or pinchos morunos. It enhances spoon dishes, rice, pasta and vegetable pizzas. It pairs perfectly with roasts, lamb and stews. Try it on vegetable barbecues, especially artichokes, aubergines, courgettes or salads based on endive leaves or watercress. Delicious on intense chocolate preparations, such as mousses and coulant!