Arbequina Casas de Hualdo

Surprising, delicate and full of aroma

It is a harmonious, fragrant and balanced oil. A true aromatic explosion which can only be obtained from excellent olives and an impeccable production. Since the 1990’s, we have obtained top quality olive batches, to produce a truly complex and interesting oil.


It is the quintessential Catalan variety, increasingly admired for its organoleptic characteristics and wide acceptance.
At Casas de Hualdo, it is grown in different types of soil and at different distances between plants.
Full of different aromas, our Arbequina is characterized in being a medium intensity oil with a predominance of fruity notes over bitter and spicy ones.

Chemical parameters Campaign 2023/2024:

Acidity: 0.09%  I. Peroxide index: 3.0 meq   Ésteres: <10 ppm  Polyphenols: 156 ppm


One can find reminiscences to the tomato plant, fresh cut grass, artichoke, apple and banana in it. When tasting it, one can appreciate its structure and smoothness, which make it truly interesting.

Pair it with…

Casas de Hualdo Arbequina pairs ideally with the breakfast traditional toast. It pairs perfect with salads, seafood, poultry and fatty fish. It combines very well with grilled vegetables like sautéed green beans, white asparagus or pumpkin. It balances the intensity of blue cheeses with its sweetness and enhances the flavor of white ones in cheese boards.  Exalts the tomato flavor in all its preparations, like gazpacho or salmorejo. Use it for sweets and desserts!