A versatile and fine blend

Due to the demand for an “all purpose” olive oil, we created this format, blend of  Picual and Arbequina.

With an effective double valve system for a comfortable and smooth pouring of the precious liquid, it allows to be easily dosed without shocks or spills.

Chemical Parameters Campaign 2022/2023:

Acidity: 0.11% I. Peroxides: 2.5 meq Esters: <10 ppm Polyphenols: 421 ppm


Pleasant and silky, it is an exquisite complement to many dishes. With a fine and soft structure, it is an ideal extra virgin for those who pursue suggestive nuances such as green grass and tomato, in balance with the fruity notes of green banana, apple or avocado.

Pair it with…

It is a very versatile EVOO for daily use, both on salads and for cooking. This coupage brings a subtle touch to beef tenderloin with mushrooms, baked potatoes and some beans with ham and poached egg. Try it with the scrambled prawns and garlic or in the vegetable terrines. Delicious to dress some fusilli in mushroom and truffle sauce.