Structured and evocative Blend

For those of you who do not want to give up on extra virgin olive oil for daily use, we have elaborated a new blend of Arbequina and Picual, with predominance of the latter.

Picual gives the character, the explosion of aromas and the intensity to this EVOO and it have inspired the name of the new Casas de Hualdo tin EVOO.

Chemical Parameters Campaign 2022/2023:

Acidity: 0.12% I. Peroxides: 2.2 meq Esters: <10 ppm Polyphenols: 483 ppm


This distinct blend is ideal for those who prefer robust oils with persistence and aroma, all at once. Green aromas of the tomato plant, olive leaf and lettuce prevail in this EVOO, perfumed with the notes of spices like basil and liquorice.

Pair it with…

This EVOO for everyday cooking is ideal for frying and baking. Use it over sardines with pepper sauce, pork rounds and apple sauce, or simply to accompany boards of cured and semi-cured sausages and cheeses. Fry some cod fritters and present them with a green mojo as an aperitif… or invent your own dressing with our Sensation EVOO. Mustard, pepper and capers over a good steak tartar!