Olive Trotter

Inseparable companion

Awake your most traveler spirit with OliveTROTTER! Every journey is a challenge. Curiosity is the true engine of our evolution as a species.

We leave aside the comforts of modern life and dive into the dust of the road. For some, it is a way to find themselves. For others, it is an escape from everyday stress. Sometimes we look for the essence of other cultures or simply a destination where we repeatedly return, “our” place in the world…


4 internationally awarded oils in 25ml bottles, of the varieties Arbequina, Picual, Manzanilla and Cornicabra, gathered in a light and robust case that can travel even in hand luggage.

Gift Ideas

A tasty and healthy gift to give, it accompanies you on your trips, when you eat at the office, on excursions…

OliveTROTTER was created to come along with all the travellers who love EVOO. No more salads with impossible dressings or sad tasteless breakfasts… But above all, no more resignation to industrial ingredients, start taking care of yourself, even when you are far away!