The healthiest pairing

The four single-variety oils from the lastest season, in 250 ml format – arbequina, cornicabra, manzanilla and picual – share space with a jar of pistachios, grown on the estate. Both of them have found a habitat on the Casas de Hualdo Estate where they can grow in unbeatable conditions, to reveal their full flavour and enhance their natural properties.


Olive and pistachio trees have much in common: they come from the eastern Mediterranean area and their fruits have countless beneficial properties for health (they help, for example, to prevent diabetes, reduce cholesterol and improve cardiovascular condition). They also ripen in parallel (pistachios are harvested just 15 days before than olives). This is why Casas de Hualdo offers the opportunity to purchase them together in its “Fruits of our land” box.


4 bottles 250 ml.

1 jar of pistachios.