Thinking about the little ones

From our desire to promote the culture of the AOVE, this oil was specially designed for children because of its soft and aromatic flavor and its fantasy design, but above all, it helps them to grow in a balanced way and to adopt healthy eating habits.


This very special oil has inspired a tale: Hualdo’s magic olive tree.

Chemical parameters Campaign 2022/2023:

Acidity: 0.14 % I. Peroxide Index: 6.5 meq Esters: <10 ppm Polyphenols: 461 ppm


Fresh, perfumed and light on the nose, with soft sensations of tomato and ripe fruit, along with subtle spicy touches. In mouth it is sweet, silky, balanced, with notes of green grass and avocado, prevailing the ripe notes of apple and banana.

Pair it with…

Its notes of ripe fruit accompany perfectly the toast with tomato at breakfast. Ideal for making guacamole and hummus, it also enhances tomato-based dishes such as salads, gazpachos or a tomato tart. It enhances the palatability of menus for the youngest in the house: baked fish, chicken breasts, vegetable purees… Combine it for dessert on orange slices and fresh cheese.