When the consumer walks along a Supermarket aisle, the packaging is the first impression they experience about the product. Therefore, the packaging must reflect the content, its origin, its use and, if possible, also convey emotions.

In February 2011, with great enthusiasm and after many months of work, we launched our first olive oils. In the beginning, we decided to invest our efforts in the essential: producing the best product. Being aware of its great personality and its enormous potential for improvement, we chose to bet on a sober, elegant and frank image. We ventured to enter the difficult (and very mature) EVOO market with a standard bottle, avoiding too fancy packaging that could have overshadowed the oil itself, and above all, preventing a price increase.

We were looking for a simple and direct design that portrayed our identity and character.

Over the years, we gained knowledge and experience with the help of clients, colleagues and friends from different markets and countries. We endorse the idea that design is not simply about attracting attention or getting impulse sales… The goal is to seduce, convince and, fundamentally, transmit who we are.

With time, when our sales volume grew, and we were able to afford it, we took an important step forward and developed our own customized bottle. Without conducting market studies or exhaustive cost analysis, we simply launched the search for beauty, guided by intuition and giving a greater role to small details… It turned out to be a long and complex process, in which we discovered the exciting world of the glass industry and worked hard to achieve the final result.

Later on, with the help of great professionals from the packaging sector, we delved further into the image we wanted to transmit and the why of our designs. Communicating our philosophy and values became essential, but we needed to share everything our product means and why it is unique.

In the words of Isabel Cabello (Cabello x Mure), “illustration as a means to convey emotions, connects with the most emotional of communication, making the brand attractive and very memorable”. From there emerged the image of our most emblematic oil: Casas de Hualdo Reserva de Familia.